Buat Temujanjani Harini Dan Dapatkan Diskaun Untuk Setiap Konsultansi

Multifocal Lens, also known as Progressive Lens is one pair of lenses that has multiple prescriptions. 

With two or more lens power, as a result, it helps an individual to see an object at all distances.

This lens helps when the individual loses the ability to naturally change the eyes’ focus due to age factors.

It helps the wearer to see both far and near distance with one lens. For example, watching a movie in a cinema and reading the newspaper.

It is especially useful for the elderly aged 40 and above, who have developed presbyopia. 

Presbyopia is a condition where the person cannot see small words clearly and affect daily activities such as reading.

Do you need a multifocal lens? Or do you have a loved one who might need it? 

Keep on reading to learn more about these special lenses and how it helps improve lives. 

How Does Multifocal Glasses Work?

multifocal glasses

Multifocal glasses, the name is self-explanatory. It offers the wearer multiple focus points with one lens.

When viewing objects of different distances, we would require a different power or prescription. 

If your short-sightedness is -2.00, for instance, you need that capacity to see very far away objects. But did you know that even without your glasses, you can still view the computer screen? 

This is because you only need lower power to view close objects.

Multifocal lenses have numerous focus points with various prescriptions. 

This provides the wearer with enough power to clearly see objects at various distances.

The multiple levels of prescription in the glasses are shown in the image below.

multifocal lens

Zone 1 is used to see far distant objects such as your spouse at the other end of the house.

Zone 2 is used to see intermediate-distance objects like a computer screen. 

Usually, the “intermediate” power of a Multifocal lens is located in a thin horizontal zone between the far power zone and near power zones.

Meanwhile Zone 3 is used for near vision such as reading. 

This zone combines the distance-vision lens prescription with an increase in magnification power to improve your ability to read small print and see close-up items clearly.

Now there you have it, different prescriptions in one lens. The wearer now simply changes their angle according to the zone to help them see better.

Advantages of Multifocal Lens

There are always benefits to every choice in life. As for the multifocal lens, these are the range of benefits that the wearer will get. 

Among them are:

  •  A less abrupt switch between prescriptions

multifocal lens

Is it just us or do you also get dizzy whenever you change glasses with a different prescription? 

If you do, then it’s likely that you are experiencing depth perception issues.

Our bodies feel grounded and stable because we have a natural understanding of your body and how it relates to the space around it. 

However, with a new or stronger prescription, our eyes and body need a brief time of adjustment before we can wear the new glasses in complete comfort.

  •  Easy transition between the range of different prescriptions

A multifocal lens forms two images of an object at a certain distance, when one of the images is focused, the other one is superimposed or outside the focus. 

You can transition between ranges of different prescriptions easily by changing the angle and focal point. 

Plus, you’ll also even gain better visual acuity of different ranges from near to far

  •  One For All Lens

Are you one of those people who carry 2 pairs of glasses in the bag? 

Of course, it is not weird to bring 2 pairs of glasses. But, doesn’t it feel like a task? 

Instead of having two glasses in hand, opt for multifocal glasses instead. 

It will make your life easier! Now you have the convenience of being able to see in almost any situation without ever needing extra eyewear.


 To conclude, there are many factors to weigh when you are choosing your multifocal lens such as age, visual needs, lifestyles, and budget.

Deciding on your multifocal lens is a big decision and investment worth making. Therefore, have a consultation with us at Optom Mobile! 

Optom Mobile consists of experienced optometrists that have been indulged in this industry for 12 years. 

Hence, we are keen on the optometry field and ready to assist you. Other than offering multifocal lenses, we also have other services such as:

  • Blurry vision treatment 
  • Misalignment eye treatment 
  • Check eye nerves 
  • Astigmatism treatment 
  • Cataract/glaucoma detection 

Therefore, if you experience any of these vision problems below, do not hesitate to pay us a visit: 

  • Blurry vision
  • Headache occurs when you try to concentrate to see
  • Eyes-squinting to get a clearer vision
  • Difficult to see with both eyes

Book a consultation with us so that you can detect any vision changes earlier. Better safe than sorry, right? 

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